Clutton Cox Club Champion at the Hogweed Trotters Awards

Paul Hajek | 9 Feb 2010

My local road running club the Hogweed Trotters from Chipping Sodbury held their annual awards ceremony on Sunday 7th February.

The awards recognise achievement throughout the year from Novice of the Year right up to the club champion.

In amongst the awards are categories including the “Peter Pan” award for defying the calls of father time, the “Lawrence” award for vaguely tenuous injury reasons for not running; and the “Black Dog” award for amusingly related but not particularly running causes.

This years club champion and the winner of the Clutton Cox trophy was Lee Pattison (pictured left with Paul Hajek), who, amongst some of his achievements this year, was only five seconds outside the course record in winning the Falkland Islands marathon in 2hours and 55 secs. Honestly, the lengths some people will go to!

My particular record at the Hogweeds is the gap between my first half marathon and my second. I am pleased to report that this is now 27 years and counting.

You can read more about the Hogweed Trotters by going on their website

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