Best Conveyancing Blogs of 2012

Paul Hajek | 20 Dec 2012


best conveyancing blogs 2012Last year, we took the opportunity of an end of year Hit Parade of the most read conveyancing blogs on the Clutton Cox website.

Last year none of our conveyancing blogs was able to oust the rampant curiosity of visitors to our website to see what our team of solicitors looked like. And, our Online Conveyancing Calculator and Conveyancing Home Page continued to whir like crazy.

This year’s most read conveyancing blog was an updated version of last year’s runner up. It will not come as a surprise to our regular readers. But, you will have to wait for next week to see the top 5 most read Conveyancing blogs.

So without further ado, and a momentary clearing of our metaphorical throat ,in reverse order, our most conveyancing blogs were:

10: Parental Gifts to Children: The Pitfalls and the Tax Implications

       A new entry and well worth looking at before making such decisions.

  9: Government Rejects Chancel Repair Liability Reform

      The theme of this year and a parliamentary debate sparked by the travails of some constituents living near the church of St. Eadburgha’s in Broadway

  8: Chancel Repair Liability: 21 Things You Need to Know and Then Mostly Forget

      This conveyancing blog was “bubbling under” last year and was just outside the top ten

  7: How Clutton Cox Have Helped Clients with Conveyancing and Moving Home.

       We are always extremely gratified when clients tell us how well we handled their house move. It’s also very humbling as well. See what people think

   6: What Law Firms Want (Really, Really Want)

       The results of a survey into consumer and law firm expectations. My bet more solicitors and law firms read this one than consumers

Stay tuned (if you can resist the excitement) for the top 5 most read conveyancing blogs, which we will post on December 27th.

If you are short of some festive reading ( unlikely I know) you can download a copy of our new 112 page Book on Buying and Selling Your Property? Click Below


Paul Hajek

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